TxW Mad Max 70+

You get  4.2 oz of TxW  alloy Tungsten weights consisting of:
       7 Plates pre-assembles into a bar and a top plate = 2.47 oz. for mounting to the back of your car. This is the Bigfoot 70 gram pre-assembled weight.
      4 plates 0.12″x0.47″x0.78″  about 0.35 oz ea.
    27 chips  0.005″x0.165″ x 0.165″  about 0.32 oz.
all on 3M VHB double sided tape ready to place on your car.        
Aluminum tape is recommended ( not included) to cover the back assembly and stick to both top and bottom of car.
Parts in the Kit.

The Bigfoot 70 will weigh over 2.45 oz. behind the back axle.

No power tools to make weight pockets required.
You can put the additional weights in pockets also.
Side view showing individual plates in the 70 gram back axle part. NOTE: not even 1/8″ thick above the top of the car makes this the thinnest 2.45 oz weight you can add to your car behind the axle for a standard axle location as in the block of wood in the BSA kit, or if rules allow for an axle 1/4″ closer to the back of the car.
3D body, pre -drilled
VHB tape for the final attachment of weights to your car {included and assembled}
Tape cover removed ready to stick onto back of car.
Bigfoot 70 now in place.
Now put your car on a scale and add the other tungsten parts
to get your 5 oz. total.
Even though this is a light car, we have included enough weights to clearly get you to 5 oz.- so we now can remove some weight.
If your car weighs too much or too little, you can adjust in 0.01 oz increments. 27 chips weigh 0.32 oz. 1 chip is 0.01 oz. ( on tape). 27 chips weigh 9 grams if working in metric .
We remove all the small chips and get very close to our 5 oz.
First we place the Bigfoot 70 onto the back of the car. Bigfoot 70 is a 70 gram fully assembled set of plates all glued together and double sided 3M tape is used to attach the weight to the car.
NOTE: this adds 1/2″ to the car so we start with wood only 6.5″ long.
Top View
Bottom view
Now we place all the other plates on the car without removing the tape cover yet. This is so we can move them around to get the COG where we want it. Here are three different set ups and how we can get the most speed with our skill level. The back wheels are on wood blocks set to be at the same level as the front wheel on the scale.
We see three different amounts of weight on the front wheel depending on how we move the weights in front of the axle around. Which one you chose depends on what tools and skill level you have.