Formula 1 Body Skins

Turn your 1/4″ thin car into a work of art with the TxW Formula 1 Body Skin.

Also good for any car with a flat top surface like a wedge or low profile block.

What you get:

One ( body Skin- pick red or green)

3M double sided tape. ( to hold the Skin firmly to the wood)

Aluminum tape. ( add style and secure edges)

Here is our Red F1 on a finished car

And here are the steps to finish your car with one of our Skins-

So easy- no water- no wrinkles- no messy glue

1st step:

Clean the car body so you do not have dirt or sawdust on the surface. We show the TxW 6.5″ wood body from the Bare Bones Kit with the 1/2″ back weight in place but this will work on any 7″ flat surface.

2nd step:

Place the 3M Permanent double sided tape on the edges of your car body. Do not worry if it goes over the edge, we will be trimming any excess off later. The tape is clear and does not show up in a photo so I have given it a grey shade to be visible. The 3M tape you need and a little Metal Tape are provided in the Kit.

3rd step:

carefully center the nose and lay the glossy photo-paper down onto the top of the car and stick all the edges to the tape.

4th step:

Turn the car over and carefully use scissors (or get an adult to use a razor blade) to trim off any excess tape and paper sticking out beyond the wood body.

5th step:

Finish off with a thin metal strip over the nose and a bit of metal tape on the back covering the back from top to bottom. Then put your wheels on and you are ready to race!