TxW Pack Winner

The weights and a diagram of where to put the tunning weights for the COG you order. Lowest price weights to achieve your COG are customized and included. The main weights in the pockets will be permanently glued in place unless you ask for them loose.

A very sticky industrial adhesive for attaching axles is included. It can also be used to cover the axle holes when painting your car.

Metal Tape to cover the weight pockets to reduce air friction when car is done.

Tunning chips to allow you to both fine tune your Center of Gravity, and adjust the final weight to the nearest 0.01 oz. without opening your weight pockets.

Video with more detail on what you get.


What you need to add:

Wheeks & axles


Wood from a BSA block to glue to top of body if your rules require BSA block body. This is just an example. You may cover the entire top with wood. The body shipped is made from plants, but not BSA pinewood.

Glue wood to top (wood not included)
Paint it
Add wheels & axles

Video on how to make it a 4 wheels touching if needed.