slot car

 Kit containes:


(1) 24.5mm x 7.35mm x 2.45mm bar
(1) 20mm x 10 mm x 2.5mm bar
You can gain some speed by replacing one of the downforce magnets with a 2x heavier tungsten bar the same size. You get about the same downforce with less “Eddy” current brakeing. You  may need to add additional weight in the nose to improve the keel staying in the slot, but with proper balance, you should get more speed than your 2 magnet set up. You get additional performance with tungsten as it gives the car a lower center of gravity than the much lighter magnets. Here we see one of the downforce magnets replaced with a TxChemist Tungsten Bar of the same size (made with 95% tungsten cubes all pre-assembled and ready to glue in place)

Our other plate is made to fit in the nose area and be much sturdier and 1.7X heavier than lead.