The axle that truly is the fastest axle for an unaltered BSA wheel.

The producers of aftermarket axles are usually also producers of lathed wheels.

Early in the development of both, there was a desire to sell you both products to reach the ultimate speed results and so the axles were optimized for lathed wheels. In most cases, that made the axle less useful if used with a raw BSA wheel.

Lathed wheels are costly, and in many races are illegal.

TxChemist developed the original 92TX and 93TX some years ago and many Pros continue to run these at the highest levels on lathed wheels, and dominate the youth races where the rules might require a non machined wheel from the kit.

Polishing stainless steel to a perfect surface is very hard work, and each Pro tends to develop his own secret methods. Our axles have a smooth coat of nickel plate that is much easier to polish than stainless steel.

We have been able to combine the best manufacturing processes to produce an axle suitable for both Pros and Youth group use. It combines the famous TX head design with the optimized two load bearing surface widths for top speed. The thicker area that the wheel rides on is 93 mils in diameter which has been proven to be the best for BSA wheels manufactured today. The lower part of the axle is 88 mil in diameter to be able to use the same drill hole as the standard BSA axle.

The parts have a very uniform nickel coating that have been polished to a degree that makes them the fastest axle with a raw BSA wheel with no other lube. How can it be faster than other stainless steel axles?

Only a few vendors do a good job polishing the axle. Most require you to finish up the polish if you want any real speed. Some only polish a little and sell as “polished””, but the sad fact is most axles “raw” from the seller will NOT be faster than RAW out of the box BSA axles & wheels. ( see test data below) and you can still pay a lot for that slow axle. In the hands of a Pro, almost every stainless steel axle on the market can be brought up to very fast speed. The question is how will you do?

Let’s look at why the TX axle head design gives such good speed. First let’s look at an axle head with a flat underside of the head.

Now we see a design with a slight bevel on the bottom. This is a very common design. If the bottom is polished super good, it is OK, not as fast as the TX, but OK. If it is rough (and most are very rough) it will be super SLOW and not as fast as the raw BSA nail and wheel. It takes a lot of work to polish it to get any speed.

The next design is an axle with enough bevel to get speed because it contacts way down near the bore. Only a very few axle manufacturers have this correct, but it is only good if it has been polished super smooth, otherwise you get about one fast run and then it grinds away on the plastic and gets slower and slower.

The design that solves these problems and works epecially well with the raw BSA wheel is the 93TXG design.

We spent many years experimenting with different axle designs and found the best size to put next to the bore.

Here are some test results with this years BSA products and a few different vendors in the Stainless Steel market. We are faster than the previous “fastest” axles. Of course everyone claims to be fastest.

The next thing that can be done to the axle to increase speed is to add graphite or “oil”.

While we have a product that should be a contender for Pack winner with no added work, as true with all axles- you get maximum speed if you hand polish the axles.

The best method for everything except a PRO race is to try to keep the nickle plate as thick as possible.

For Pros,you can use a butter knife blade behind your sandpaper to get down under the head of the axle. Hold the blade straight to get a super smooth sand on the bearing surface. This is hard work, and the nickle may be sanded away, but then you are polishing 303 stainless steel.

Nickel plated 303 Stainless Steel axles 93TXWG 

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