Super Tape

Is Super Tape safe for kids?

“Super Tape” is strong enough to replace rivets, but safe for youngsters with adult supervision. It can be handled with bare fingers and placed by hand on parts. No bad fumes, nothing harmful. So strong, you will not be able to remove parts with just fingers. Use a small screwdriver to get the tip under the edge and slowly twist and pry the part off. You can then remove the tape with your fingers. Here is the MSDS data on Super Tape

Will super tape really be strong enough to hold weights on the bottom when the car goes onto a rough stop section?

Forget any bad experiences with weak double sided “Hobby” tape you may have used before, our tape is Industrial Strength Adhesive “Super Tape” used in the assembly of motor homes and buses to replace spot welding and rivets. 

Here is a photo of a 200 gram weight (50 times the typical plate or object attached to your pinewood car). We used about 1 square inch of tape and let the weight sit on the tape and block of wood for 24 hours. We then turned the block and clamped it so gravity could pull down on the weight continuously and we let the 200 gram weight sit like this for months. Absolutely no movement. It did not even slide down any.


What is the easiest way to use super tape?

Lay out your weights and make a mark on the bottom of your car where the weights will be covered. Place two separate pieces of tape on the car bottom.

Carefully p;ace your weights starting with the most dense parts and proceeding to the lightest parts. Tape grabs instantly so place them where you want them and push down on them.

You can then pull off any excess tape while pushing on the weight to hold the tape where you want it. For a nice finishing touch, cover the leading edge of the weights with metal tape or a bit of scotch tape to reduce air friction and lessen jar of stop section. Let the weights sink into the tape for a day if you can before turning the car back upright.

Obviously , you can put the weights on top of the car, but speed will increase if weights are on the bottom. Car stability is also increased.