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The lowest cost, best value Tungsten alloys you can buy

The large bar, equal to the volume of 12 cubes, with the weight of 12 cubes that goes behind the rear axle 1/4″ x 1/2″ x 1.5″

This is one 95% Tungsten Alloy weight = the same as 12 cubes, 1.96 oz. $11.18 ea.



This Kit contains 1 long plate ~ 0.69 oz

4 small plates @ 0.25 oz ea. = 1 oz
and enough smaller chips to bring the total to 2.0-2.011 oz.
Plus 3M VHB industrial double sided tape to hold the plates anywhere you want on your car. (Much faster and easier than screwing into the wood)
So you can fine tune incrementally to the closest 0.01 oz (1/100th of an oz) anywhere between 0.01 and 2.0 oz.
The smallest chips ( 1/6th inch square by 4/100 in thick ) can be safely attached with scotch tape.
Compare to other products where the smallest plate weighs 1.77 grams and our chip weighs only 0.33 grams.
Some kits advertise as incremental when the smallest step in weight is even greater.
TxW plates cover the bottom of the car better so you can get the most aggressive center of gravity. Many other brands are not long enough or thick enough and you loose your good center of gravity by the time you have put on enough plates to reach 5 oz. That is why we claim to have the fastest tungsten. Other assemblies do not match our COG.  Note: we can add almost the entire 2 oz behind the back axle even when the axle is shifted 1/4″ closer to the rear. [ recommended for both speed and track clearance in the curve ]
It is recommended you also cover the entire assembly with metal tape or scotch tape over the edges to prevent digging or hopping in the stop section.
2oz Kit     $12.98 ea.

95% Alloy Plate weight = 20 grams 0.96″ x 0.5″ x 1.72″

$5.86 ea.

Bulk rate 5 for $16.30 and save $13

Small plates, sold in a set of 8 for a full 2 oz. of tungsten alloy

$11.50 per set of 8

Twelve (12) Low cost Cubes of 95% W alloy for 2 oz


Twentyfour (24) even lower cost cubes for 4 oz of weights, save $1.50


Scout/ Youth Group Car Body

Overall length of finished car = 7″

Wood body is 1/4″ x 6 1/2″ x 1 3/4″

Wood is milled to fit all the available drill jigs.

TxChemist innovations

This design can place the most tungsten behind the rear axle while maintaining a thin body and the correct amount of weight on the front wheel for stability.

This design has produced District and Council winners in some of the most competitive areas of the country.

Offset rear weight to allow the best possible balance on rear wheels.

The 1/4″ x 1/2″ x 1.75″ ledge created on the back of the car by the assembly of the top weight housing to the car can hold a variety of weights. The best value/ performance would be the Semi-Pro bar of 95% tungsten.

The top housing can be modified in a varity of ways to use the flat tungsten plates from TxW to maximize weight placement while minimizing car body thickness.

The Back axle can be placed where  the Racer wants it to be. Best speed is 5/8″ from back of car, but if rules do not allow moving wood around, it can be drilled at the typical BSA block location.

The front axle can be placed where  the Racer wants it to be including the exact distance from the back axle as found on the typical BSA block.

1/16″ should be removed from sides for correct alignment on track.

This lets the Dominant Front Wheel ride along the rail while keeping the back wheels centered and off the rail.

Cost of body no axle holes +3.5 oz tungsten alloy= $18.50

Complete assembly instructions and speed tips available

after purchace.

Available now.

Glossy Skins to cover your car

$9.99 ea.

Special for

TxW95-P-20, two plates

TxWC-P-7.1*8, one plate

for a total of $0.00

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