Tungsten Tape for Golf, Tennis, Stringed Instruments

TxChemist combines some key steps to insure the optimum adhesion  of Tungsten tape to almost any surface.

What you get: 

    A. 20 gr of flexible weight in 0.3 gram increments on two  ½”x 5″ strips of the best 3M VHB tape for this application.

    B. Metal Tape for unbeatable adhesion and long term use even in extreme conditions.

  • Performance: the double-sided tape is resistant to UV light, moisture, solvents, and chemicals to ensure perfectly sealed bonds. It also resists high-range, hot and cold temperature cycling.

This means the problems most other tungsten tape suppliers have encountered are solved with this more expensive engineered system.

TxW tungsten tape is made from a composite of  3M industrial VHB tape and small tungsten square chips, about 3 chips per gram. A 5″ strip will weigh a minimum of 10 grams

5″ of TxW tungsten tape
3 chips per gram, embedded in 3M tape for a composite system
Tungsten chips covered with clear scotch tape on 3M VHB tape
Back of a 3.6 gram amount cut from a strip ( cut between any two chips )

You can place the tape directly on the surface you want buy peeling off the 3M backing cover. This is fine for most applications, but for extreme shock such as a tennis racket or golf club, we recommend to first put down a metal tape layer where you will mount the tungsten tape.

Three ways to attach the tape.

The middle example is to just stick it on, even to uneven wood. It will conform and will not come off (please let it sit for 4 hours after assembly to increase the bond with all parts before using).

A much stronger bond is formed if we first put down a layer of metal tape ( included) followed by the 3M composite-  as shown with the band to the right of raw tape to wood.

The strongest construction is to follow the metal tape- 3M tape with another layer of metal tape. See band to the left of the raw tape on wood. You should cover the raw tape with something- even clear scotch tape to keep it from getting dirty.

All three methods were subject to extreme shock and impact testing. While all three passed the tests, it was noted that the strongest by far was the triple composite followed by the double, and easiest to remove was the single tape to untreated wood.