Ghost Graphite

What you get:

Four BSA axles professionally coated with TxW Ghost Graphite2021 by TxChemist himself.

NO WHEELS!- Ghost Graphite 2021 is made to run on a raw BSA wheel, wheels shown are not included.

No machining on the axles. No lathing or other machining on the wheels. They will pass ALL inspections because they are RAW BSA parts- just turbocharged with Ghost Graphite.2021.

What is Ghost Graphite2021?

Ghost Graphite is a clear, thin, dry Vapor Deposited film on the axles. It is strong enough to cover the imperfections of the typical raw axle, and matched to the special coating on the inside of the wheels, give long spin times and super fast track times. This coating will last for many, many races and never needs any additional graphite added- no messy puffing, no ruined pain jobs.

This process should give you about a 2.5 car speed improvement. Because of the variability of Raw BSA axles, your results of course can vary, but we received many reports back from last year on winning the Pack, and even district races.

When rules allow, this process will run faster with most oils, but if you are “Dry Lube” only rules or Graphite only, then this process will beat all but the Pro helped cars. Especially if

your rules are “out of the box” parts, this is the best way to go. Spend your time making a great car, and add these axles and wheels to finish the job with a real chance of speed. If your rules also prohibit lathed wheels, this is your best option.

The process will hold up for way more races than you will need to finish pack, district, and council races. NO extra graphite is needed or recommended. The final coat of lube on the axles has a very thin layer that has been perfected to match the inside the raw BSA wheels so the friction is super low.

Please make sure your axle holes are able to take the axle with gentle thumb pressure to push in. DO NOT PULL on the wheel to remove. Use needle nose pliers or strong thread to pull out any axle. It is best to just push it in and use something to set the wheel gap like a thin plastic card, and then leave it alone. The raw BSA axle will cut into the wheel if you pull the wheel out with force against the axle.

Our tests were run on a TxW Canopy test car