car body X

A Laser cut wood body for the highest speed/strength possible.

(You add weights,drill axle holes, wheels and axles)

Speed comes from finding the best trade off between:
1. Equal weight on the back wheels
2. keep weight on DFW low but not too low.
3. Keep thickness of body to 1/4″
4. Make body as light as possible while still being strong enough to resist any bending or vibration during a run.
This design has all the improvements run on the fastest Cub car in 2018 at the Mid America race for the National title.
Our engineering improvements to the typical laser cut body are as follows:
A. Offset the weight behind the back axle to be closer to the DFW. This gives much better weight distribution as proven by all the top Pro racers.
B. Front and back axle width is increased for Cub cars  to give a much stronger overall construction. The nose is also made stronger for rougher tracks. The added strength still produces a body weight before sanding of just under 11 grams, making this the best combination of strength and weight for Cub racing while incorporating the Pro improvements.
C. The wheelbase is set at the same distance as the slots cut on normal block, 4 3/8″.
D. We laser cut, but leave attached, a 1/16″ strip on the DFW side. This allows a solid fit in your drill fixture while drilling the front axle holes, and if desired can be removed to modify the DFW distance from the rail to get the back wheels centered on the rail.
For best results, lightly sand the laser burned and hardened wood before drilling or gluing. This body does not come with weights or drilled axle holes. If you do not have tools to drill your axle holes where we put the axle locating lines, do not buy this. Typical tools are shown below.


After you drill your front axles holes     

But you can also use the lower cost 95% bars and cubes

Finish up with the smaller bars and/or cubes to bring the weight
up to 5 oz and fine tune COG for speed and stability.
Cover surface with vinyl skin or metal tape or clear packing tape.
Back weights should have packing tape and/or metal tape over them to hold in place.

Typical final placement