3.5 oz Tungsten Canopy Weight

1 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ x 1/4″ oval half egg
 Stud is 3/8″ Diameter, 1/4″ high

A few ways to use this canopy

X Body

On a finished car, but wheels & axles & car
not included in this item.
Hammerhead Body shown.

These car designs are from TxW canopy bodies now found on eBay

If your car is nice and thin like these examples, you will need more weight to get to 5 oz
Take a look at what we recommend for fast accurate weights. All weights can be placed by removing the 3M cover and sticking to the car body. We have 0.5 oz with two small plates and 9 grams of chips each 3 chips is a gram on 3M tape (you can cut between the chips with scissors easily)
The bottom of a finished canopy car with extra weights installed ( for sale from TxW on eBay).  You can slide the bottom weights to wherever you want for speed and stability and then remove the cover and stick down. Shown here is Max Speed!. Car shows over-weight, but next you would sand and paint and then adjust to the closest 1/3 of a gram very easy-AND you can adjust very easy if your car needs to add or remove weight at check in.
Make sure you measure how much weight is on your front wheel and decide where you want to run. Most canopy cars are very stable.
Data is for both a wedge or a thin plank design.