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The Fastest Tungsten in the World is TxW Tungsten
If you want a fast car, 
you must put the biggest engine available behind the back axle.
 That means pure 99.95% tungsten from TxChemist
or TxW Tungsten Alloy from TxChemist.
 Bigger engine = better center of gravity = higher speed.

A new Tungsten Alloy designed for a low cost weight option.

Tungsten plate is 2.4 mm * 12.7 mm * 43.5 mm or in inches- 0.95″x 0.5″x 1.718″. Engineered to cover the full width of the pinewood body and allow two plates to be placed behind the back axle on standard wheelbase cars, or one plate behind the axle on extended base cars. If you have the use of good tools, you can cut a notch to take 2 or 3 plates in a stack on the back of the car, and finish getting to 5 oz. with more plates taped to the bottom.

All stick on and screw on weights are not the same. 

The Density of the alloy and the size of the plate will obviously contribute to plates with different weights.

The present tungsten plates for sale on the internet all run around 0.5 oz. and are close to the same dimensions. 
These dimensions do not take advantage of all the space available on the bottom of the car.
The Zinc and Steel plates are so light they can not compete with real tungsten plates for speed.
When you are limited on tools and need to just put plates on the bottom of the car, 
you quickly will see how inefficient it is to use undersized plates 
or low density plates to control the center of gravity.
No Pro would ever use the cylinders for weights as they need a thicker car
 that has too much wind resistance and will not be competitive.

    • A test car was set up to run with 5 different weights available on the internet.
    • The Fastest Tungsten is the “pure” (99.95%) TxW plates
    • Very close in speed is the low cost TxW Alloy that we are selling here
    • Pinecar screw on is next
    • Then  ABC screw on
    • All the Zinc alloy stick on parts are very slow- save your money
    • Tungsten cylinders are not shown as NO Pro racer would slow his car down with a design that could use cylinders
  • Now that these lower cost plates are available, why would you even bother with slower cylinders, zinc or ordinary small plates?

  • Prices are all over the place. If you want the fastest tungsten, buy the TxW 99.95% plates. It is very close to the price of the much slower ordinary weights.
  • If cost is a concern, buy the TxW Alloy plates as the next fastest alternative.
  • This TxW Alloy is priced way below all other tungsten plate suppliers.
  • How can TxW bring both “pure” and High % tungsten alloy plates to the market at such low prices?
  • Years of Pinewood racing and weight design coupled with a sintering process modified for TxChemist products has allowed for breakthrough low pricing on these parts.
  • It may take a few years, but at sometime in the future, ALL plates will be modified to copy the TxW designs.
  • This Chart compares TxW Alloy plates to ABC Pinewood plates
  • You can not go by the “Price” unless you figure out your total cost because TxW has free shipping and ABC has $4.87 for shipping.
  • Here are the total costs for 1 plate, up to enough plates for 2 oz.
  • It only take 3 TxW plates to get up to 2 oz. while it takes 4 ABC plates.
  • So even though our 1 plate is 40% heavier than the ABC plate, your total cost is still over a dollar lower for a 1 plate buy.
  • You save even more money per ounce if you buy more plates from TxW.
  • You are also getting a great speed advantage with TxW plates because you can move the center of gravity much closer to the back axle than you can with ABC plates.

  • Here we have laid out 3 different tests on our test car.
  • The top car shows 5 TxW Alloy plates weighing 3.5 oz.
  • The double arrow blue shows the 5 plates and the center of gravity for just the plates in the blue line in the middle of the blue arrow.
  • It also shows 4, 99.95% pure tungsten plates weighing 3.5 oz.
  • Those are shown by the black double arrow covering 4 plates  with the center of gravity of those plates the black line in the middle.
  • On the bottom car we see 7 plates of Pinecar incremental weights ( plus a little plate to hit 3.519 oz.).
  • The center of gravity of the 7 plates in the green line at the middle of the green double arrow.
  • It is easy to see that the TxW Alloy plates center of gravity is about 1/4″ farther from the back of the car than the 99.95% plates.
  • We can also see that the Pinecar weights will be about 3/8″ farther away than the TxW Alloy plates center of gravity.
  • That is why no matter what skills you have building these cars, you can get the weight correct and make your car faster than ANY other weights on the market.
  • And, you do not have to worry about your boy or girl attaching these weights with our child safe tape.
    • Photo of test car on curved area of track with one back wheel removed so you can see how plates will NOT drag on track if done correctly.
    • Moving the back axle location can increase both your speed and stability. see for help.
    • If rules or tools will not allow that, then be sure and sand or cut a little angle of wood off the back of the car so that first plate will be angled up away from the track, or it might drag.
    • All the other plates will be fine, especially if you use the enclosed TxW Super Tape.
    • Be sure and drill or place the axle close to the bottom of the car to keep the weights up high.
  • If you can not get axles in except up higher, sand the bottom off to make room for the weights.
    • Photo of a 200 gram test weight held up with just 2 small strips of super tape.
    • We let the weight sit on the tape for 1 day.
    • We then flipped the block on the side and clamped it to see how long the weight will hold without slipping or pulling off.
    • It has not moved in months and is not likely to ever move unless we pry it off.
    • This tape will hold your weights even if the stop section of your track is a little rough.
    • Bring a screwdriver if you need to remove weight as your fingers will not likely be able to remove anything.
    • The tape is safe for skin, has no harmful odors, safe for eyes, even if you eat it you will not be hurt. (from MSDS of tape manufacturer)
    • This tape is industrial strength and used in manufacturing buses, RV’s, and cars as a replacement of riveting and spot welding.
    • It can hold metal to clean wood unbelievably strong, but can be held and worked with by your boy or girl without sticking to skin or causing any problems.
    • Once you pry an object off, your fingers can peel the tape off cleanly leaving no residue.
    • Once you try this tape you will never want to use screws or epoxy again.
  • Fine tune with Nickels 5 gr., pennies 2.5 gr., paperclips 0.5 gr.

1, TxW Tungsten Alloy plates (0.7 oz. ea.), for over 40% more weight than ordinary plates.

Buy with confidence from a trusted seller – TxChemist