Bare Bones Kit

You get  3.5 oz of TxW  alloy Tungsten weights consisting of:
       1 Bar = 2 oz
       6 Plates = 1.5 oz. in a preset best configuration.
Wood 1/4″ x 1.75″ x 6.5″ milled @ 50% R.H. to fit snug in drill fixtures
One Skin, Red Formula 1 Racer
3M VHB tape
Aluminum tape
Detailed instructions and tips to make a car that will beat all other cars under $250 on eBay will be provided.
Finished car with wheels & axles provided by the buyer.
Parts in the Kit.

DO NOT BUY this kit unless you can drill the axle holes with tools like below. If you need axle holes, buy the next level up kit.

The reason we can make that statement is no other car to date has the TxW “Tuned” Tungsten design that balances the weight on the back wheels of your rail runner. No other design puts over 2.5 oz of tungsten behind the back axle while holding the front wheel to a 17 gram stable weight. AND at the same time moves the back axle to the max location of 5/8″ from the back of the car.
Example of a finished car with a photo-paper skin ( included) to look like a Formula 1 Racer.
Another Skin to replicate a BMW design. (not included).
Another example with the “Angry Birds” skin. (not included)

Note: only one skin included.